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Stoney Knob Cafe in Weaverville

The 52 Weeks from Boring Weaverville crew met up at the infamously eclectic Stoney Knob Cafe for Sunday brunch! Stoney Knob is a Greek/Mediterranean/American fusion restaurant, and their decor is out of this world awesome and weird!

There are 3 rooms that all have a different vibe: The Diner is all pink and pop culture with a Wonder Woman painting and other 70's icons. Not to mention the GIANT mermaid ceiling painting! 

The Mediterranean (or "Saints and Sinners") Room features a big skylight with all kinds of glittering, dangly bling. There are also faux taxidermied zebra heads and giant squid wall decals.

The Red Room, where we were seated, is covered with bizarre religious iconography from around the world. The lighting is low, and the walls are my FAVORITE shade of red!

Our crew was a bit bigger this time with Amber, Jay, IPoM (International Person of Mystery), Cristhian, and myself. We talked about the recently released Wonder Woman movie, superhero flicks in gener…

bd's Mongolian Grill in Denver, CO

It's that time of week again, my lovelies!

This week's adventure was a casual lunch date with Brea, Allie and our friend, Cat, at one of our favorite digs: bd's Mongolian Grill in Denver, CO!

Here's a short video (1:50) which covers all the highlights in case you are too busy to read!

Though this outing wasn't as adventurous as we generally aim for, the 52 Weeks crew was struggling to find time to get together. So we settled on a tried and true favorite: Mongolian Grill! There are a few restaurants that provide Mongolian Grill in the Denver area, but bd's on Wazee is the most centrally located and highly recommended!

From the moment I showed up, I found myself ushered easily to the bar where I was handed an absolutely LOADED list of wines, draft beers, and hand-crafted cocktails. Absolutely my sorta casual day out on the town! The cocktails were delicious and cheap and the bartender was attentive (attractive) and smarmy - which is also my favorite sort!

When th…

A West Asheville Adventure

For this week's installment of 52 Weeks from Boring, I went on a West Asheville adventure with my friend. You'll come to know my dining companion as The International Person of Mystery because they will remain nameless and unpictured in this blog. Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies.

For dinner, we stopped in at WALK: West Asheville Lounge & Kitchen. It has a really fun atmosphere with huge windows, cool Edison bulb lighting, and a pool table. Though WALK has a tendency to be really busy, we got there early for a senior-style dinner because I'm secretly in my 80's and get hungry at 5pm (or earlier).

I confess my jerk chicken wings were far too spicy for the likes of me (I am the worst Cuban on the face of the planet), but the server was sweet. She even had a tiger shark tooth necklace that I greatly admired and we chatted about.
 IPoM (International Person of Mystery) loved their street tacos and even had leftovers!
Being incredibly full didn't s…

Ace Eat Serve in Denver, CO

Week two of the 52 Weeks from Boring – Denver Chapter was a doozie, to say the least! Allie and I met up at Ace Eat Serve in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood for a go at some Pan-Asian food and a bit of entertainment as well, as the restaurant also serves as Denver’s only ping-pong hall! 

I suffered through a day-long tutorial with Amanda to try and make you all a swell little video of our experience. We can't let the Weaverville, NC Chapter outshine us now, can we?   

In case you're checking this blog at work or at church or in formation (yeah, I know ALL your tricks) - here are some highlights of our adventure!

To start off with - if you're someone who really cares about awesome service - this is absolutely the place for you!  When I made the reservation, I specifically mentioned that I am a Veteran and would prefer to be on the edge of the room, or somewhere away from the center of things. When I arrived to the restaurant, the hostess immediately walked me around the seating a…

The Beast + Bottle eatery in Denver, Co

Week one of the 52 Weeks from Boring challenge landed the Denver crew (Minus Allie, who was called into work at the last second) in a rustic eatery named Beast + Bottle (located in the city’s Uptown neighborhood).  I’d love to tell you that we chose this place for its famed farm-to-table cuisine – but the truth is that we chose it because the name rocked our box. As it turned out – the food rocked our box too – but more on that later.

Let me just get this out in the open – we drank. A lot. Because the drinks were DAMN good. And refreshing – and we were sitting on the patio, which might have been Hell’s patio, if the heat had anything to say about the matter. You can see the patio here – in our “we are slightly tipsy” after-brunch shot: It’s right there – between our heads!

In any case, with names like "Lime after Thyme" (which came with practically an entire Thyme sprig IN the drink) it was hard to resist repeated refreshment! Brea settled for the pomegranate mimosa (which w…

The Creperie & Cafe in Weaverville, NC

This week, the NC Chapter of 52 Weeks from Boring met for a brunch full of good food, good friends, and good conversations. As I'm a Weavervillain, I convened this gathering at the Creperie & Cafe in downtown Weaverville (to save my self-serving ass from having to drive 20 minutes to Asheville).

I confess that I'm also a regular at the Creperie, so this wasn't exactly an adventure for me. However, it is an adventure for y'all. I made a cute (IMO) video, which tells the story of our good times better than I could, so watch and drool and vow to visit the Creperie as soon as humanly possible!

In case you're not up to watching a 1 minute and 45 second video (you lazy sod), I'll give you some insight into why I'm a regular at the Creperie.
The staff is super sweet and friendly. I've had 20-30 minute conversations with some of them who are good, happy people. We're even friends on social now!The staff is also incredibly accommodating about substitutio…

The Denver List

Well, my lovelies - ask and you shall receive!
What follows is a list of the eateries in Denver all of YOU suggested we try out - along with a few additions from interweb and "Best of" list research!   The 52 Weeks from Boring crew would absolutely love to hear about your experiences at these restaurants! And if you see something not on the DENVER LIST (not including buffets, please)  - please drop a comment so we can check it out and add it to the list !!!
We are also looking for your to submit similar lists/reviews/videos from YOUR hometowns and kitchens! We'd love to see 52 Weeks from Boring chapters spring up all over the U.S.!!! 
(Photo by Gintare Marcel)

9th DOOR (Spanish/Tapas)                 Downtown:
Capitol Hill:
ABBEY TAVERN (Irish Pub)               


ACORN (Modern Am.)                   http://www.den…

" This Is What Boring Looks Like..."

(Photo by Gintare Marcel)

“This is what old looks like…”
“This is what parenthood looks like…”
“This is what boring looks like…”
Every time I sign onto my social media platforms I’m presented with another exciting opportunity to click on your photos and nod along with your proclamations of expertise based on all the things about yourself you can’t change. The flood of what life looks like from the glass-half-empty perspective has left me treading deep water in the spaces that are supposed to bring me joy.
What I think to myself when I read your “this is what boring looks like” post is: “Don’t you know how INTERESTING you are to me?”  Trust me, my friends, I’ve been keeping an eye on you – and your lives are anything BUT boring!!!
Why do we think that getting older or becoming parents or graduating from college or developing new disabilities means that we are becoming boring? Since when did 'growing up' equate to being 'boring'? I swear that just yesterday I was in a big ol…