A West Asheville Adventure

For this week's installment of 52 Weeks from Boring, I went on a West Asheville adventure with my friend. You'll come to know my dining companion as The International Person of Mystery because they will remain nameless and unpictured in this blog. Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies.

For dinner, we stopped in at WALK: West Asheville Lounge & Kitchen. It has a really fun atmosphere with huge windows, cool Edison bulb lighting, and a pool table. Though WALK has a tendency to be really busy, we got there early for a senior-style dinner because I'm secretly in my 80's and get hungry at 5pm (or earlier).

I confess my jerk chicken wings were far too spicy for the likes of me (I am the worst Cuban on the face of the planet), but the server was sweet. She even had a tiger shark tooth necklace that I greatly admired and we chatted about.

 IPoM (International Person of Mystery) loved their street tacos and even had leftovers!

You can see IPoM's sunglasses if you look carefully!
Being incredibly full didn't stop us from taking a walk down into the heart of West Asheville to get dessert at The Hop West. The Hop has creamy colors on their walls and cute, silly art of fantastical creatures all eating ice cream. They have plenty of traditional ice cream flavors, but they're also bold and experimental in some of their options (olive oil, beet, kombucha, etc).

As a lactose intolerant lass, I also appreciate that The Hop is experimental in their vegan ice cream bases. Most places you go have soy-based or almond-based ice cream. Soy is the devil, and I'm allergic to almonds.

When these are the only options, it makes me hate everyone and everything...including YOU.

The Hop rotates flavors made with pepita (pumpkin seeds), sunflower seeds, banana, coconut, and cashew (not to mention traditionally fruit-based sorbets). 

Me reveling in pepita-based strawberry sorbet!
This angry, short Cuban woman was placated by delicious ice cream, and I went on my merry way before the rain hit. Before hitting the trail, IPoM and I made plans for Sunday brunch at the infamously ecclectic Stoney Knob Cafe.

I sense an upcoming 52 Weeks from Boring adventure!


  1. French fries - OF COURSE!

    Two places in one blog - you're blazing trails, my short, Cuban amiga! And now I know you're allergic to almonds. I feel like I need a bar-chart at this point.

    Thank you, as always, for sharing your lovely adventure AND your incredible humor! I appreciate you and can't WAIT to see what you're gonna think up next~ (and I ain't tryinta' pet yo chicken, mama).



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