Ace Eat Serve in Denver, CO

Week two of the 52 Weeks from Boring – Denver Chapter was a doozie, to say the least! Allie and I met up at Ace Eat Serve in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood for a go at some Pan-Asian food and a bit of entertainment as well, as the restaurant also serves as Denver’s only ping-pong hall! 

I suffered through a day-long tutorial with Amanda to try and make you all a swell little video of our experience. We can't let the Weaverville, NC Chapter outshine us now, can we?   

In case you're checking this blog at work or at church or in formation (yeah, I know ALL your tricks) - here are some highlights of our adventure!

To start off with - if you're someone who really cares about awesome service - this is absolutely the place for you!  When I made the reservation, I specifically mentioned that I am a Veteran and would prefer to be on the edge of the room, or somewhere away from the center of things. When I arrived to the restaurant, the hostess immediately walked me around the seating area and asked me to choose the seat that I would feel most comfortable. Talk about 5-star-service!  

Allie and I both ordered the $5 happy hour high-ball drinks with vodka and the house-made black-cherry soda. I will say only that the drinks were divine and our wonderful waitress made sure they were never empty!

(Bottom right photo by Allie Parker)

On to the food!  Every thing we ordered was absolutely DIVINE - and lord, did we order a LOT.

We started off with the naked crispy wings, though Allie is SO not a wing-girl. Our waitress, Kate, suggested we try some of the homemade house mayo - I'm not sure what exactly was in that stuff but as far as I'm concerned, it was crack. Allie practically took my fingers off when I wanted to eat more than the two I limited myself to so that I'd have room to try everything else!

The rest of the items we tried were equally delicious. You know a restaurant has flavor-confidence when they don't even put salt or pepper on the table! I could go on about each dish, but instead, I'll just post a few photos to get your mouth watering! 

As you can see, the food is beyond beautiful. Additionally, the staff are incredibly personable and friendly. Not only did our waitress bring us an order of donuts "on the house" to take home because we were "such a fun table" to serve - but the restaurant also sent us their social media guru (Anna) to talk to us about our blog.


Allie learned that it IS possible to get a splinter in your tongue. Watch those plant-sticks that they stick the fruit on in your drinks!

I learned that tofu can, in fact, make me moan with delight. And for that matter - ramen (which I've only had in the sorta packets you buy in bulk on the bottom isle of the grocery store) is really REALLY delicious.

Together - Allie and I pack a wicked punch of charm. It may have been mentioned once or twice that no one's pants stand a chance around us. ;)

I'd normally include a bit more of what we discussed - but I think this time around our discussion wasn't exactly "blog appropriate."  I can confide, however, that it was ANYTHING but BORING!

The entire experience was beyond delightful and we'd like to give a heart-felt THANK YOU to the folks at ACE EAT SERVE for making our experience there such a joyful one!


 Monday, June 19th - 1 PM @ BD's Mongolian Grill 

(1620 Wazee Street, Denver, CO 80202)




(All photos, videos and photo illustrations by Bree Pye unless otherwise noted)


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