bd's Mongolian Grill in Denver, CO

It's that time of week again, my lovelies!

This week's adventure was a casual lunch date with Brea, Allie and our friend, Cat, at one of our favorite digs: bd's Mongolian Grill in Denver, CO!

Here's a short video (1:50) which covers all the highlights in case you are too busy to read!

Though this outing wasn't as adventurous as we generally aim for, the 52 Weeks crew was struggling to find time to get together. So we settled on a tried and true favorite: Mongolian Grill! There are a few restaurants that provide Mongolian Grill in the Denver area, but bd's on Wazee is the most centrally located and highly recommended!

From the moment I showed up, I found myself ushered easily to the bar where I was handed an absolutely LOADED list of wines, draft beers, and hand-crafted cocktails. Absolutely my sorta casual day out on the town! The cocktails were delicious and cheap and the bartender was attentive (attractive) and smarmy - which is also my favorite sort!

When the girls arrived, Brea, Cat and I all elected to create our own stir-fry. You can watch the video to see what that's all about.

Allie was in the mood for some Sriracha Chicken Tacos with crab rangoon wontons as an appetizer (which we ate so fast I didn't get a decent photo).

Here's the deal with bd's - the food is as delightful or terrible as you make it! The restaurant has all sorts of bases (rice and different kinds of noodles), meat, veggie and seafood proteins, and pre-mixed sauces and spices to choose from. As this particular restaurant has a one-bowl option - I would ask your serving staff for recommendations on sauces or choose what you are familiar with!

Here's an awesome thing about bd's - they have gluten free, vegetarian, AND allergy options for their DIY stir-fry. If requested, one of their expert grillers will actually grill your creation on a separate grill in the back of the kitchen to ensure your food safety. That's pretty above and beyond the bar in my book!

Aside from the DIY stir-fry, the restaurant also has a small salad bar that doesn't offer much but which is a lovely option for those looking for a quick, lighter fare during lunch break. bd's regular menu is also divine, so don't be afraid to just order off the menu and give your legs and brain a break!

A quick aside - while the servers here are all sorts of friendly - this is a very busy, energetic, and slightly chaotic place. If you are the sort who needs excellent service, a bit of solitude or whatever - I'd skip bd's and move along. This place is about good food, good company, and cheap drinks - which is right up MY alley, but might not be right up yours.

Here's something awesome I learned about friendship this week:

It doesn't matter how long you've known a person or a group of people in one setting. If you REALLY want to get to know folks, you've got to branch out and shake it up. Do things together that don't fall within the realm of your collective comfort zone! Brea, Allie, Cat and I have spent all sorts of time hanging out in our super nerdy Medieval reenactment group over the years - but what I have absolutely missed through all those years is how bright and distinct their individual personalities are when they are not part of the larger crowd.

Allie is as feisty in person as she is in a group - but there's this beautiful quietness that settles about her sometimes when she's not making everyone laugh - and in those moments, I think she's truly content and happy with herself.

Cat - who spends much of her time at our reenactment events cooking (usually alone or with familiar faces) for more folks than I've fingers or toes to count - is a genuine soul who is a little bit shy but so beautifully deep in her affection for the people she chooses to share time with. I loved getting to know this other side of her because she was brave enough to join us for lunch!

Brea and I have been friends a long time, and I am constantly surprised by her fire and wit. It's easy to overlook her at reenactment events - she's always helping one person or another or running some event or chasing after munchkins - but in the absence of all that, she really IS Wonder Woman. She's protective and classy and so full of salt. It's been amazing to share this 52 Weeks from Boring journey with her!

So here's a challenge for YOU, my lovelies: Invite a familiar stranger to breakfast or lunch or dinner or tea or whiskey. Whatever floats your boat. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first - but I have no doubt you'll find something beautiful in a person you previously only really saw from one particular angle. 

That's all we've got for now. Hope you've enjoyed our casual lunch adventure out. Next week, the crew and I will be having a Comic Con Edition of 52 Weeks from Boring meetup that will serve as a prequel to Brea and I's Colorado Symphony adventure for: The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. We really hope to see you there! 


 Saturday, July 1st - 5 PM @ Red Square Euro Bistro + Vodka Bar

(Photo by Brea)




(All photos, videos and photo illustrations by Bree Pye unless otherwise noted)


  1. PLEASE tell me y'all will be cosplaying at your next 52 Weeks adventure! Also, I cannot emphasize enough how jealous I am of the Zelda symphony!!!

  2. It will be over 100 degrees at our next 52 Weeks adventure. But I might be persuaded to wear pirate gear, if Brea and Allie are down. Def not wearing my Stargate stuff in that kind of heat!


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