The Beast + Bottle eatery in Denver, Co

Week one of the 52 Weeks from Boring challenge landed the Denver crew (Minus Allie, who was called into work at the last second) in a rustic eatery named Beast + Bottle (located in the city’s Uptown neighborhood).  I’d love to tell you that we chose this place for its famed farm-to-table cuisine – but the truth is that we chose it because the name rocked our box. As it turned out – the food rocked our box too – but more on that later.

Let me just get this out in the open – we drank. A lot. Because the drinks were DAMN good. And refreshing – and we were sitting on the patio, which might have been Hell’s patio, if the heat had anything to say about the matter. You can see the patio here – in our “we are slightly tipsy” after-brunch shot: It’s right there – between our heads!

In any case, with names like "Lime after Thyme" (which came with practically an entire Thyme sprig IN the drink) it was hard to resist repeated refreshment! Brea settled for the pomegranate mimosa (which was not too sweet) and we picked out a dish as a first course: The Artic Char Eggs Benedict.

Yeah - it was just as delicious as it looks in the photo. The dish prompted a discussion about adulting because neither of us have spent our lives dying to eat fishy fish when we actually take the time to go out and and eat a a restaurant -but the fact that we are now adulty enough to CHOOSE such a dish shows just how NOT boring we are! I didn't think I'd like it - but I absolutely loved it. The sauce was on point and capers are about my favorite thing on the planet. Successful not-boring adulting completed!

Here's something awesome - between each course, our wonderful waiter actually completely remade the table with fresh silverware and plates. I know that seems like a small detail - but I actually spent a good five minutes trying to scrape sauce off my fork and knife to use for future courses because we were in public and I was too polite to revert to the sort of dish-washing we do in the country - with our tongues. 

 Here's something else awesome - the restaurant was full of people of all shapes and colors. Yes, you read that correctly - it wasn't overrun by the ritzy white sorts who can go weeks without seeing a person of color. Another minor detail that I really appreciated. We even saw a guy with a spiked mo-hawk that was almost taller than me and dyed Broncos orange. Gotta love that hometown pride!  (Because I'm absolutely positive the color was a football team shout-out)

Okay there are a zillion awesome things - but here's the most awesome of the day:  At some point during our meal, my wallet fell out of my back pocket and was just sitting on the ground, halfway onto the sidewalk. This is the sort of place where nice men politely interrupt your brunch to point out that your wallet is walking away from your ass - top notch! So Brea did not have to pay for our entire meal. Phew!
On to the main brunch courses. I had the Smoked Mushroom Skillet and Brea had the Corn Lamb Shank Hash.  They were both mind-numbingly amazing. Here are a couple of photos:

Smoked Mushroom Skillet

 Corn Lamb Shank Hash

Like our awesome crew in the Weaverville, NC chapter, we managed to have an entire meal that was gluten free!!! As Amanda mentioned - it's quite  a treat to find a restaurant that has healthy, gluten-free options and caters to special dietary restrictions. So if you are one of those folks who have been struggling to find a place to eat - Beast + Bottle is the place for you !!!!  And if that doesn't sell you - I'll bury this little nugget in the middle of all this text: the restaurant actually has a parking lot of its own to use while you eat! (Practically a miracle, in downtown Denver!)

As the meal wound down and our bellies filled up - discussion turned to the places we've traveled and the places we'd love to go if we had the language to travel without restrictions. I learned something new about Brea - she's every bit the mystery she was when I met her on a farm in Arizona four years ago (Yes, that's REALLY how we met - but that's a story for another time). While she can spend an entire weekend cheering on the cowboys at the local Rodeo - she'd really love to travel to Mendoza, Argentina. Apparently, that place has the perfect combination of fine wineries and horseback riding. Who knew? Brea did. Kinda awesome. 

Brea - Two Thymes! 

As for me - while I have no choice in learning another language (apparently three years of Latin will NOT satisfy the MFA language requirement at CU Boulder) I'd like to put my Spanish skills to use by working with ESL students in the secondary and post-secondary classroom and perhaps traveling to Europe to teach English/Spanish - because who in the tar wants to visit a country that is hot 365 days a year? I could barely handle the patio today! 

So this concludes our first adventure in the 52 Weeks from Boring club!  We are one week farther away from falling into the "boring adult" trap!!  Have you enjoyed what you've seen and read in this post?  We'd love to have you come on out and join next week's conversation! 


 Saturday, June 10th - 6 PM @ ACE EAT SERVE 

(Asian-inspired food and Denver’s only Ping-Pong Hall!)

Note: This location and time are subject to change as real life dictates - so check back frequently! If you'd like to eat with our group, please drop a comment with your intent to join us so we can have the reservation in NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY AT NOON!




  1. Consider me a tentative yes. :)

  2. Excellent, love! Please try to let us know for sure by Wednesday - as was the case with Beast + Bottle - a lot of these places require reservations, especially on the weekends! Depending on how these go in the future, I might start adding a person or two to the count - but that's down the road a bit! Hope you enjoyed the entry!


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