The Creperie & Cafe in Weaverville, NC

This week, the NC Chapter of 52 Weeks from Boring met for a brunch full of good food, good friends, and good conversations. As I'm a Weavervillain, I convened this gathering at the Creperie & Cafe in downtown Weaverville (to save my self-serving ass from having to drive 20 minutes to Asheville).

I confess that I'm also a regular at the Creperie, so this wasn't exactly an adventure for me. However, it is an adventure for y'all. I made a cute (IMO) video, which tells the story of our good times better than I could, so watch and drool and vow to visit the Creperie as soon as humanly possible!

In case you're not up to watching a 1 minute and 45 second video (you lazy sod), I'll give you some insight into why I'm a regular at the Creperie.
  • The staff is super sweet and friendly. I've had 20-30 minute conversations with some of them who are good, happy people. We're even friends on social now!
  • The staff is also incredibly accommodating about substitutions and dietary restrictions.
  • ALL the food is gluten-free! The crepes are made with almond and rice flour, and the whole restaurant is gluten-free (except for some glutenous beers). There are SO few gluten-free restaurants in the world, so if you are gluten sensitive or intolerant or have celiac, this place is a delicious refuge.
  • The ambiance and decor of this place is welcoming and comfortable. I'm all about a place that has pillows for your back and butt on their bench seats.
  • According to my girlfriend, they make THE BEST mochas in the state of North Carolina.
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True Confession Time

Back in the day when I used to do yoga regularly, I used that relaxation time (Shavasana/corpse pose) at the end of each class, not to meditate, not to reflect inward, but to fantasize about food. Until next time, dear internet friends, dream with me of whipped creamy mochas and magical, fluffy crepes!


  1. OH wow. You absolutely blew it away with this first entry from the NC crew! I absolutely loved the video (I'm pretty much a fan of anything that claims to be happy) and even learned a thing or two because crepes sound all desserty and a couple of those were definitely NOT desserty. I'm uber (see what I did there) jealous of the delicioustache Amber is wearing and hope you'll both bring me here some day - when I visit!

    Way to rock it out.

    True confession time - I'm not sure if it's safe to confess to being a yogi around my crew. LMAO



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