" This Is What Boring Looks Like..."

(Photo by Gintare Marcel)

“This is what old looks like…”

“This is what parenthood looks like…”

“This is what boring looks like…”

Every time I sign onto my social media platforms I’m presented with another exciting opportunity to click on your photos and nod along with your proclamations of expertise based on all the things about yourself you can’t change. The flood of what life looks like from the glass-half-empty perspective has left me treading deep water in the spaces that are supposed to bring me joy.

What I think to myself when I read your “this is what boring looks like” post is: “Don’t you know how INTERESTING you are to me?”  Trust me, my friends, I’ve been keeping an eye on you – and your lives are anything BUT boring!!!

Why do we think that getting older or becoming parents or graduating from college or developing new disabilities means that we are becoming boring? Since when did 'growing up' equate to being 'boring'? I swear that just yesterday I was in a big ol’ hurry to grow up and do all the interesting things I dreamed of doing with my life after my mom and dad couldn’t ground me anymore for being so curious and adventurous and fearless (all replacement adjectives for “troublesome” and “stupid”). Remember those days? Time to get back to them. All I needed was a reminder and a swift kick in the hind-quarters (funny how some things never change) to decide to do something about all this boredom I’ve been accused of (and am possibly drowning in).

The solution? 52 weeks from boring

52 weeks to get off my ass and start being a little more like the bad-ass adult-me that bad-ass kid-me swore I was going to become someday. An “adulting” challenge, if you will. 52 weeks to get as far away from the kind of person who posts “This is what boring looks like…” photos as humanly possible. But before I get into what that’ll look like – a bit of background narrative is necessary.

The other day I was talking to my friend, Amanda while she fixed herself and her fiancĂ© supper from the comfort of their lovely home in North Carolina. Prior to this discussion, we had navigated a lot of chats about food allergies and how they affect our eating habits etc. – super adulty, boring conversations. But then she told me she was cooking yuca fries (she has since absolutely schooled me on the difference between yuca and Yucca because I keep typing the second in reference to the first). Having never heard of yuca fries and being too lazy to look them up on the Google, I asked her to send me a picture and explain immediately this strange new thing called 'yuca fries'.

She sent this photo:

with this explanation: 

“They're made from a starchy cassava root. Yuca is the Latin American word for them.”

Yes, they look suspiciously like French fries. But they come from some strange root and are named with a Latin American word. Sooooo NOT boring!  I asked Amanda to “hold the phone” and immediately messaged my friend Allie from Denver to ask if she wanted to go on a food adventure with me this week. Allie is a 20s-something college student who is brilliantly science-smart, is super into cosplay and dates a hunky bloke who lives in Australia. I love her because when I take her out to eat somewhere, she actually eats instead of pushing her food around her plate and trying to be polite. So anyway – she told me “hell yeah” she’s down for a food adventure and we made tentative weekend plans to go hunting this strange new sort of fry.

Meanwhile, in social media land, my friend Brea reminded me that we have plans to go see the new Wonder Woman movie this Sunday. Brea is a mum of five (six if you count the bonus kid she’s got living in her house right now because one of her actual kids brought a stray home and the stray stuck around) who also works full-time and wears more hats than I’ve got fingers and toes to count with. Needless to say – any free time she can scrounge up had best not be wasted. So even though the movie sounded really great to me (who doesn’t want to go waste a few hours sitting in the dark and not talking to the person you are supposed to be spending quality time with?) I asked Brea if she wanted to join Allie and I on our food adventure instead.

Brea told me she’s totally down so I started a Facebook chat with her and Allie so we could brainstorm food adventure ideas. But because Allie and Brea are two of the busiest people I know -- I resigned myself to use the Google to come up with a list of ideas the girls can help me choose from. I posted the list on the book of Face and asked my friends to add to it. And boy did they add to it. By the time Allie and Brea were not-busy enough to address the food adventure list, the post had 72 comments and some very strong opinions for what to try first and what to avoid at all costs.

The three of us discussed the post in our private chat. I was sort of shocked at how much interest a post on food places could generate in such a short amount of time and suggested that we start our own private “Breakfast Club” of sorts to try out the growing list. (I'm still deciding how to make the list available to all of you who aren't on my book of Face). And because I’m an MFA student, why not write about our adventures? And finally, I confided to the girls that my therapist is running out of hippie cures for PTSD and has simply suggested that I “get out of the house and down the mountain and at least try to talk to another human being.”  

"This’ll have to do," I told them.

A couple hours later my friend Chaney posted a comment on the food-list-post about how she’s feeling so boring lately. And that was the final ingredient for this little challenge. Because the only way we can feel less boring about our very complicated and diverse adult lives, is to get out and chase the things we are still curious about. 

Maybe I am a little boring right now. Maybe I’ve been married to school and my cats and this mountain for a little too long and have forgotten how to talk to other human beings who aren’t in academia. Maybe the world makes adult-bad-ass-me a little more nervous than kid-bad-ass-me ever imagined it could be. But you know what? I AM interesting. Allie is interesting. Brea is interesting. We all have some pretty incredible stories and experiences under our belts. We can go kick boring’s ass together and share our food adventures and interesting thoughts with all of you – and maybe if you’re feeling a little boring, you’ll consider joining us!

So that’s the end of how I got here and the beginning of where we’re going to go together. Brea, Allie and I will be meeting up this Sunday in a restaurant we haven’t yet decided upon to try some new food and to come up with dream-chasing plans. I’ll be sharing that experience and our conversation with all of you and will be posting future dates and locations with an open invitation for you to join us on this so not-boring adventure.

THIS is what boring looks like. Ground zero. I can’t wait to see how far 52 weeks will take us from here. Stay tuned!



  1. This is my kind of adventure. Bring on the food!

    1. I'm absolutely counting on your foodie expertise when we turn our gaze toward Boulder!!!

  2. Yay Food Adventures! I can barely wait! ~Dwen

    1. I expect that means I'll be seeing you soon, Dwen?


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