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Roadhouse Boulder Depot and a Weaverville Wedding!

Hello from beautiful Colorado, my lovelies!  I bet you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to, as we haven’t posted a blog in a while. Well there’s a couple of really good reasons for that.
So, I’d like to start this one out by asking all of you to join me in giving very enthusiastic congratulations to Amanda Rodriguez and Amber Hartsburg from our Weaverville, NC crew – who finally got their wagons hitched earlier this month!  Though I’m bummed I couldn’t make it out to their wedding, I will be heading up to visit them in a couple of weeks on my ultimate summer road trip of awesome, at which point, I promise loads of pictures! More on that later.

(!!! The HartRods !!!)
Additionally, as many of you may or may not know, Allie, Brea and I are involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is basically a fancy way of saying we all like to dress up in Medieval garb and spend time in the woods reenacting simpler historical times (which is completely subjective, of course). As such …

Denver Comic Con Adventure Edition - Red Square Bistro + Vodka Bar

Before we I get started with the story-telling bit: here's a video which hits the highlights of our adventures throughout the day:

It's a bit longer than previous videos - but that's what special editions are for!
Now then.  For all of you less lazy sorts. Let me just tell you that I was reluctant to join Brea for such a long day of adventure in the big city (if you consider Denver a big city). Not only did we plan to attend several Comic Con panels and thoroughly enjoy the wonders of Con - all while wearing costumes - we also planned to carry out our weekly #52WeeksfromBoring meal and THEN go to the symphony (Because they played ZELDA - and who in their right mind would say no to THAT?)! Needless to say - Brea's charm finally won out and I agreed to an action packed day! Here we are presenting the empty Convention center to all of you because we were some of the first to be let in.

Brea is the Scarlet Witch (from the movie, not the comic…