Denver Comic Con Adventure Edition - Red Square Bistro + Vodka Bar

Before we I get started with the story-telling bit: here's a video which hits the highlights of our adventures throughout the day:

It's a bit longer than previous videos - but that's what special editions are for!

Now then.  For all of you less lazy sorts. Let me just tell you that I was reluctant to join Brea for such a long day of adventure in the big city (if you consider Denver a big city). Not only did we plan to attend several Comic Con panels and thoroughly enjoy the wonders of Con - all while wearing costumes - we also planned to carry out our weekly #52WeeksfromBoring meal and THEN go to the symphony (Because they played ZELDA - and who in their right mind would say no to THAT?)! Needless to say - Brea's charm finally won out and I agreed to an action packed day! Here we are presenting the empty Convention center to all of you because we were some of the first to be let in.

Brea is the Scarlet Witch (from the movie, not the comic).

And I am my Dwead Pyewate self - as some of you will surely recognize! 

(Photo by Brea)

The Con was a lot different than it had been previous years, with access to the venue being restricted to a single entrance. As such - we only made it to two panels. The first was this incredible panel on Wonder Woman and the musical themes that trumpet female heroines. It was just as awesome as it sounds. Members of the Colorado Symphony were present to play well-known themes and the fabulous presenter (who we got to speak with at length later in the day) encouraged the crowd repeatedly to give our best impersonation of Zena's battle-cry. We loved every second!

As we had an hour or so to kill before our next panel, we decided to head across the street to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for a bite of lunch and an ocean of cheap, tasty cocktails! Let's say that we found both in spades:

And then THIS awkward situation happened:

(Photo by Brea)

In any case - the appearance of such a creature signaled our immediate departure from Bubba Gump's and return to Comic Con. But it just goes to show - you really never know what you'll run into during Con weekend!

Sadly - our second panel was a bit on the dull side - especially after our close encounter with the almost-clitoris kind! I was terribly disappointed that I wasn't afforded the opportunity to troll author Diana Galbadon about the excessive lack of feminism in her popular Outlander Series -  but Brea and I did discover a couple of exciting new authors that we can't wait to read as a result of the panel! (As soon as you're done reading, commenting on and sharing this blog post, which I know you are all dying to do - get on the Google and look up authors Liv Hadden and Cory Doctorow!!!)

After our second panel, my feets let me know they were quite finished with the boots I'd burdened them with the last several hours. As there were a limited number of bathrooms in the venue and all of those crowded as all get-out - we decided to head back to the parking garage so I could change back into mundane clothes in my Jeep. It turned out I gave some passers by quite the exhibition - and Brea as well for that matter. She was kind enough to cheer me on AND snap this photo in the process. It turns out years of Army life leave a person quite well-prepared to change clothes just about anywhere - regardless of who might be leering!

Operation De-Pyewate Bree successfully completed, we headed BACK to the Con to stand in line at book signings. Here's the awesome thing about that - Del Rey Books was giving away FREE books for the authors we were standing in line to meet!  Which means I got an armload of free books and a pretty awesome moment to converse with Robin Hobb to tell her how much her writing has helped me escaped some of the more trying moments of my life in the military. She was incredibly personable and signed each book with a more personal greeting than just her name. The entire experience was just amazing!

In case you're wondering what a REALLY happy Bree looks like:

(Photo by Brea)

Once we finally dropped our armloads of free stuffs off in the Jeep - we still had an hour to kill before supper. So we walked to the Writer Square district of Denver and walked around until we found our 52 Weeks Stop for the night (Red Square Bistro). As it didn't open until 5PM - we walked around taking photos of possible restaurants to add to the list!  We ended up dipping into this awesome little southwestern place called the Blue Agave Grill - for a cocktail while we waited for our supper joint to open.

This is what's so awesome about random adventures - you never know what you'll walk into or who you'll meet or how those interactions will influence your day!  While enjoying a delicious cocktail at the Blue Agave bar, we ran into a lovely young woman (Misha? Fisha? - I can't remember her name exactly) who was having a cocktail to try to calm her nerves enough to attend a wedding. We chatted with her and our bartender quite a bit - resulting in an open invitation for the young woman to come join us on a future 52WeeksfromBoring adventure. So - Misha or Fisha - if you're reading this, we SO enjoyed your company and we also have some serious social anxiety and we don't think you're weird or overwhelming - so we hope you'll actually come and join us on an adventure in the very near future!

At last - after encouraging hugs and fond farewells, we left M/Fisha and headed for our supper destination: RED SQUARE BISTRO + VODKA BAR !!!!

We arrived a tad early but were given a very jovial welcome by our server who told us he had been thinking about us and had JUST the perfect table for us in the corner - per our request on the Open Table reservation I made. The decor in this place is gorgeous and, as you will see in a grip, interesting. As soon as we walked in we were greeted with bright red walls and lavishly set tables. This is definitely an intimate, romantic location to take a date! (Check out the video at the top of this blog if you'd like to see more!)

Okay - I'm going to post some of the same highlights I covered in the video - but before I do that - a note on the menu at Red Square Bistro:

The menu the restaurant has posted online is NOT updated. The menu we were given upon arrival was significantly reduced. As such - I had to choose completely different foods than I had pre-selected to order. That being said - literally every bite of food we ate was mouth-watering and DIVINE. You really can't go wrong with the food here. And the serving staff can talk to the chef about any special needs you might have!  For instance: we requested that the bread be put on a separate plate from our Antipasto Platter and that our server check with the chef to ensure that Brea was not in danger of being served anything with gluten. The entire staff showed great concern for this and kept us informed at each serving as to what was safe for her to eat. Incredible service!

Here are the food highlights from our meal:

Additionally (and I can't mention this bit enough) Red Square Bistro has one of the largest selections of local and imported vodkas in Colorado! 

I personally tried the house specialty: the Moscow Mule. While it made my lips pucker with its stiffness, it was both refreshing and delicious. I also greatly appreciated that it was served in an actual copper cup! (P.S. I'm smirking to try and regain some butch points after the face pucker).

(Photo by Brea) 

Brea tried something a bit fancier, the Red Square Cosmo - which she enjoyed immensely and in large quantities. Because you know your 52 Weeks Denver crew knows how to knock them back! 

Here she is melting me in giant puddles of swoon. (Don't even TRY and pretend that you aren't also melting under that gaze).


Let's just say that I don't exactly have a lot of photos of the end of our meal. So to make up for that I thought I'd share my thoughts on an odd theme that kept popping up throughout the day:

Apparently, I am one with the bears. There's the giant blue bear that peaks through the Colorado Convention center window - and the odd painting of a bear dancing with a maiden I imagine is meant to be Madonna at our restaurant. So make of that what you will - though in hindsight - I think it's more Alanis Morissette ironic than the actual sort. 

In any case - despite our inebriated state, we eventually made it back to the Denver Performing Arts Center to partake in the Colorado Symphony's presentation of  The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses.

This really was the absolute perfect way to end our evening! 

In all - Brea and I had a mostly perfect day. We talked a lot about some big life changes coming down the line for both of us and expressed thankfulness that we have friends and hobbies and adventures to get us through times of difficult transition. That's really what all of this is about - getting out there and expanding our comfort zones. Not just with our beautiful city - but with each other. There's something very beautiful about finding the courage to lean into a friendship and to lean into ourselves. It's been pretty amazing so far - to discover just how much room and potential we all have for growth! I have been especially amazed at how enjoyable this entire process has been so far. I know we're only a month in - but if I turn around and take a look, my own starting point is quickly becoming a fuzzy dot in the distance! 

That's all we've got for now, my lovelies!. Hope you've enjoyed our special Comic Con Edition of 52WeeksfromBoring and we hope to see you on our next adventure!!! 


 TBD. We might have a special Brunch edition from Boulder, CO.  

Check back soon for details!

(Photo by Brea)





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