Roadhouse Boulder Depot and a Weaverville Wedding!

Hello from beautiful Colorado, my lovelies!  I bet you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to, as we haven’t posted a blog in a while. Well there’s a couple of really good reasons for that.

So, I’d like to start this one out by asking all of you to join me in giving very enthusiastic congratulations to Amanda Rodriguez and Amber Hartsburg from our Weaverville, NC crew – who finally got their wagons hitched earlier this month!  Though I’m bummed I couldn’t make it out to their wedding, I will be heading up to visit them in a couple of weeks on my ultimate summer road trip of awesome, at which point, I promise loads of pictures! More on that later.

(!!! The HartRods !!!)

Additionally, as many of you may or may not know, Allie, Brea and I are involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is basically a fancy way of saying we all like to dress up in Medieval garb and spend time in the woods reenacting simpler historical times (which is completely subjective, of course). As such – we are in the middle of SCA Event season, which means loads of road trips and lots of camping and not a lot of access to technology. I suppose that’s where the adventure part of this whole blog comes in – it would be pretty boring if all we ever did was eat and take photos of food, right?  As such, I'll try and include what we've been up to on the weeks that I'm not able to post a blog!

Okay then – this week Chrissy, Allie and I ended up at the Roadhouse Boulder Depot in Boulder, Colorado to celebrate Allie’s birthday. The place was highly recommended by Danielle (our web guru) – who is the foodiest foodie I know in Boulder.

I’ll start with the parking situation – right now it’s not great because the garage right behind the restaurant is not currently open. There was a moment when Allie was looking for parking and she texted me that she thought she was driving on the sidewalk. Let me assure you all now that the road in, while closely resembling a sidewalk, is actually just a wannabe-euro-cobble-stone-thingie which is, in fact, the road.

Now that we’ve settled that – once you do find parking and meander your way toward the Roadhouse – you’ll notice that there is plenty of very comfortable and shaded seating outdoors, if that’s where you’d like to eat. The inside of this place is awesome. I am particularly in love with the lighting – here’s a couple of first impression shots to give you a feel for the place:

The next thing I’ll mention is that the service here is kind of to die for. Our server, Tyler was incredibly accommodating. I arrived a bit early and ended up moving tables twice because I’m a diva and I wasn’t convinced of the booth chair comfort or the angle at which I could creepily people-watch while I waited for Allie to show up (she is ALWAYS late). Tyler was all over it – even commenting on his own favorite people-watching corners in the restaurant! (That’s not creepy at all, Tyler – whatever gets you through a shift!)  Additionally – he was on top of keeping my drink full – and you KNOW that’s a big deal – and came around to chat every now and then while I waited for the girls to show up. P.S. If you are looking for an awesome MULE – head over to the Roadhouse. They have several kinds and actually serve them in the proper drink-ware!  I had the blueberry mule.

Correction – I had several blueberry mules 

...and I highly recommend them!

At last, the girls arrived and we ordered several items off the menu – which made Tyler give us a funny inquisitive look, at which point we informed him that we write a food blog and never fear – we’ll put a good dent in all the food. As we were waiting for appetizers to come out – we tried to take the standard “here we are in the restaurant having a great time selfie” at which point Tyler came back over and snapped one for us (my arms can only stretch so far) – talk about awesome service!  So here’s your photo credit:  THANKS FOR THE PHOTO, TYLER! YOU ROCK!

So in terms of food – the three of us agreed while everything we ordered was delicious, the restaurant certainly caters more to the sweet palate than to the savory. Every single dish we ordered had a sweet element and flavor profile. That really isn’t my thing, so I thought I’d give you all a fair warning before you check this place out! I’d also like to emphasize again that while everything was sweet – the food was also quite delicious.

Here’s a list of things we ordered, and photos of our dishes:


Edamame with olive oil and a house blend of (sweet) Asian Spices.  (This was delicious, but also sweet. We couldn’t figure out where the sweetness came from, but keep that in mind if you order.)

Drunken Mussels in a coconut-citrus broth with white wine, fresh herbs, butter, grilled asparagus and grilled rosemary bread.  (This was the hands-down favorite dish of the day for the 52 Weeks crew!) 


Pretzel Bites & Queso with pork green chili & queso blend. (This is what we came here for. And it absolutely didn’t disappoint!)

Wings.  We ordered ours naked (Who’s boring?  Not us!) with every sauce on the side. We actually really loved the wings and most of the sauces – though one of them just about burned my mouth off! The wings were the perfect amount of crispy and cooked to perfection. I highly recommend them!

MAIN DISHES:        

Chicken & Brie Sandwich with grilled chicken breast, brie, pickled red onion, cracked black pepper-roasted fig jam and arugula on a brioche bun (with a gluten-free bun option).

Garlic Shrimp Paleo Bowl – a house specialty that I ordered with chicken instead of shrimp: Blackened-garlic chicken, zucchini linguini, tomatoes, sautéed onions, cilantro, water chestnuts and brussels sprouts in a coconut-citrus broth. This dish also comes with roasted bell peppers but ain’t no one in the Denver crew got time for that nonsense. While this bowl was breath-takingly gorgeous – it was also sickly sweet to me. The girls agreed that it had good flavor and commented on the many people we all know who would probably love it – we just aren’t on that list.

So that’s the breakdown of everything we ordered and how we felt about it. Here's a photo of our awesome spread:

In all – the food is beautiful. It’s perfectly cooked. The service is to die for. The drinks are absolutely delicious. And the restaurant has many gluten-free and allergy options for diners, which is always a plus.

And this is going to seem weird – but the bathrooms are pretty bomb too. Chrissy and I ventured downstairs to check out the lower level which is open for supper when things are a little more festive.

The downstairs really highlights the building’s history with framed old-timer photographs lining the wall and chic booths in the corners for more intimate hang-out options. And in the women’s  restroom, there’s a photo from the late 19th century framed on the wall which explains that the wall tiling for the rest of the bathroom is based off that photo. Seriously awesome historic touch that we really appreciated. Additionally – the bathroom doors are like mini, wooden barn doors. And who wouldn’t appreciate that?  Never mind – don’t answer that, just know that WE did.

Anyways – here’s a few photos: 

See?  The bathroom really was something worth posting about!  Ha!  So that's all we've got for this particular restaurant, but here's a glimpse of what we're up to when we're not going somewhere fancy for our adventures:  

Though we might be out camping in the woods for our SCA adventures, rest assured that the 52 Weeks crew is not lacking for awesome food or great stories. Here’s a couple of snippets from our camping adventure week before last, during which my friend Chris (who is an absolute wizard of a cook - see photo for verification of this fact)

made us all delicious caprese snacks from scratch (among other things)

 and entertained us with his surprisingly amazing singing! 

You see?  I promise if ever we're missing a week due to travel or camping or life - we'll always try to make it up to you all with gems like this!  Hope you enjoyed!  And thanks, Chris, for being an awesome sport, an awesome cook and an awesome friend!

That's all we've got for now, my lovelies!. Hope you've enjoyed our 52WeeksfromBoring wedding, birthday and SCA adventures and we hope to see you around on our next one!!! 



Check back soon for details!





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